Leads Generation

Buid Databases Pre-Qualify Contacts Fill Pipelines for you.

Leads Generation

It takes time and effort to upload your data base with potential customers. Yes, we know. How you would like it to be faster and less labour-intensive . That’s DELTA CALL CENTER solution all about; fast, effective lead generation through outbound calling. Our European Call Center Partner will generate the leads so your sales team can focus just on closing deals. Experienced telemarketers will unlock opportunities which you never knew existed by reaching out to your ideal customers on your behalf. Not all leads are equal. But qualifying your leads, sorting the red hot from the lukewarm, can be time consuming. Our business phone answering service can help. Having a live person to ask the right questions can make all the difference. When you focus on the best leads you get the best results.

Build your Database

Our team add contacts from your target markets to your calling database, giving you plenty of opportunities to generate deals..

Pre-Qualify your Contacts

Don’t waste your time with people who aren’t interested, or gatekeepers your sales team can’t get past. We’ll deliver leads who’re ready to talk.

Enjoy your increased revenue

And those leads will be ready for your sales team to work with, building a pipeline of prospects with the highest probability of becoming clients.

Services based on outcomes – we’re not here to sell you “hours”, we simply deliver results. From database enrichment to delivering Marketing Qualified and Sales Qualified Leads, we fit the campaign that meets your business goals.
Team Based

The key to any good lead is knowing that it’s the right target market for your business. We’ll get to grips with your team to make sure we’re bringing you the right leads

You Focused

Our collaborative approach means we’re part of your team. It’s all about finding the right approach for your business, to get the results you’re looking for.

Target Driven

Each package comes with set targets – from number of calls made, to number of leads generated. We deliver you the leads ready to call on the spot.

Quality Assured

Qualified leads, delivered straight to your team – that’s the deal. You don’t need to waste time sorting through low-quality, never-going-to-buy contacts